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In a new golden age for whiskey and other craft spirits, Memphis-based challenger brand Old Dominick Distillery wanted to stand out in a crowded category projected to be worth more than $80B by 2025. Proud of its 150-year history, Old Dominick sought to gain a foothold as more than a local favorite and tell their story to discerning drinkers all across the Southeast—and the whole United States. 

Our Designsensory team was happy to take on the challenge with a stunning new digital experience and a targeted social media campaign. With photo production at the forefront of our plans, we developed a detailed social content plan that shares the Old Dominick story in a creative and impactful way.

Following extensive user experience research, our design and technical teams created a beautiful website that would drive sales and visits to the distillery in downtown Memphis. Our work is detailed in the project pages below.


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Memphis-based Old Dominick Distillery came to Designsensory to better share their brand’s story. A fixture in Memphis for more than 150 years, Old Dominick’s line of spirits are available across the Southeast, as well as Missouri, California, Texas and Wisconsin, with distribution growing daily. 

Highlighting history and their commitment to innovation, we delivered a social media presence and new digital experience and to drive sales and visits to the company. We’re proud to continue our work with Old Dominick Distillery. 

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