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Jack Nadel International (JNI), a promotional merchandise distribution company founded by the famous American author and entrepreneur himself, uses technology to its marketing advantage. With clients ranging from Tesla to Nickelodeon, JNI has offices in 24 major cities in the United States, Athens, Sydney, London and Hong Kong.

As the company’s client list grows, so does the demand for faster online browsing of promotional merchandise and seamless purchasing support. For a few particular projects, JNI needed a better way to meet those needs, while focusing on their morality-based business strategy and practices. Designsensory was perfect for the job.

Jack Nadel International partnered with our tech team to build a number of online platforms that would help to consistently design and produce compelling materials for their clients.


Designed for the consumer in mind.

A marketing success abroad, Jack Nadel International (JNI) relied on Designsensory to build more interactive shops that better showcase, sell and monitor client merchandise like promotional materials and work uniforms.

From kickoff to launch, our team has created a number of platforms that truly benefit everyone. For CenturyLink and Shop KIA Gear, this ranges from the general consumer to the local employees and corporate distributors.  

Each site is custom developed, showcasing their own individual parts and pieces. Through our internal programs, we were able to create a portal for Shop KIA Gear that allows a staff member to simply sign in and purchase a branded logo using company credentials. For CenturyLink, we were able to automate and calculate sales taxes for employee purchases. Our robust, in-house capabilities allow for additional optimization of these digital platforms for their clients, which put the minds of JNI at ease.

Because of its many divisions, we had multiple points of contact for JNI. Though all are critical to the success of the company, our work with CenturyLink and Shop KIA Gear has progressed separately. This allows for us to carefully tend to the needs of each brand individually, and we look forward to continuing that unique partnership with Jack Nadel International.

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