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Changing the game for a safer world.

YWCA Knoxville came to Designsensory to help launch an important new initiative to prevent domestic violence. Staff members at YWCA Knoxville created this original program, GameChangers, to teach boys about violence against women by focusing on prevention tools and bystander intervention skills. The first GameChangers group started in Knoxville in summer 2015, and YWCA expects that the program will expand nationwide.

As part of a multi-year partnership with YWCA Knoxville, we needed to build a fully integrated campaign with marketing and public relations support for GameChangers. We laid the brand’s foundation through the name and logo, and extended it through innovative public relations and social media efforts, rich media and print collateral.

GameChangers is funded by a grant from the Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women. With limited funding, it was important to create media interest through innovative public relations efforts, including creative social media campaigns, events and face-to-face discussions. These campaigns will continue to drive the marketing of the program, bringing in new participants, mentors, community partners and advocates for GameChangers.


Buzz that means business.

To kick off branding efforts, we began with concepts, a name and a logo that would both appeal to boys and inspire adults. We created a name, “GameChangers,” that captures the need for action that appeals to middle school boys and created a bold, masculine logo based on the Greek symbol for male.

As a result of our media relations work and social media, earned media has played, and will continue to play, a large role. Within one month of the first GameChangers meeting, the program appeared in newspapers, on television and in national blogs, and social media posts have had thousands of views. The GameChangers blog serves to give more in-depth information on the program and its unique approach to preventing domestic violence by using a group mentoring model to teach middle school boys.

To start creating buzz over the summer of 2015, we designed a “Coming Soon” poster and flyer reminscent of a summer Hollywood blockbuster. Upcoming marketing pieces include a recruitment brochure and recruitment video using original photography and video by PopFizz, as well as a public service announcement and branded apparel. Ongoing media relations efforts keep GameChangers in the news, and social media continues to serve as a powerful tool to reach national audiences and influencers.

Let’s achieve great things together.

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