Dog Park Dash
The Boyd Foundation

Because man’s best friend deserves the very best.

A lover of animals and an advocate for bettering our great state and its quality of life, Randy Boyd—founder of PetSafe®—and Jenny Boyd came to us with a big idea: make Tennessee the most pet-friendly state in America. One of the many ways he planned on achieving this goal was, and still is, through a three-year grant program that gives away dog parks to communities across the state. To be exact, the annual framework includes 36 dog parks at $25,000 each and one deserving community that wins the grand prize amount of $100,000.

Having previously worked with Petsafe’s Bark for Your Park initiative, which didn’t deliver Tennessee winners, Designsensory quickly went to work on helping organize the initiative, including naming the program, setting up rules and regulations, creating a marketing and public relations plan, designing and developing a website, and more.


A Dog-Friendly Mission.

The Boyd Foundation is guided by Randy Boyd and Jenny Boyd. We’ve worked closely with Randy Boyd, who is the founder of PetSafe® and former commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development. Jenny Boyd is passionate about promoting animal welfare, has worked alongside her husband to make Knoxville the most pet-friendly city and is proud to play a significant role in expanding efforts to communities across Tennessee.

We began by naming their grant initiative, ultimately deciding on Tennessee Dog Park Dash, and began the journey from there. Research began with studying dog owners and the needs both they and their dogs have; everything pointed to health and wellness benefits. We knew city officials would want to get in on the excitement, so we started planning a full-scale campaign.

We continued our journey by developing integrated content that would help spread awareness of the initiative, and amped up our media relations to prepare for the “sign up” period. Overall, we have and will continue to support the initiative through research, strategy, development, design, marketing and communications efforts.

Let’s achieve great things together.

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