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Local Stories Bring the Love

With its Southern charm, outdoor beauty and historic importance, Greenwood, South Carolina, is a place of surprising and unforgettable stories that entertain, inspire and bring visitors back again and again. Seven quality golf courses, a glittering blue lake, a revitalized “Uptown” and a robust dining and entertainment scene are just a few of the gems in this little Upstate treasure.

Poised for tourism success but competing with larger and better-known cities in the region, Greenwood Tourism & Visitor Bureau, the official destination marketing organization, knew that a fresh approach could make a big difference in showcasing the community. 

As we learned more about the town through our partnership with the renamed Discover Greenwood, we encountered unique and inspiring stories of people who live in, love and support Greenwood every day. From the local musicians to the innovative chefs, from historians to outdoor adventurers, and from artists to merchants, Greenwood is filled with enthusiastic ambassadors for their community and way of life.

What better way to showcase the best of Greenwood than to share those relatable and inspiring stories? Our goal for the “Stories of Greenwood” campaign became finding ways to bring to life those stories and experiences in an organic way. These stories were the foundation for the new logo, tagline, and ongoing campaigns and contests to encourage visitors to “love it like a local.”


Community-Driven Success.

By focusing on Greenwood’s remarkable level of community involvement and the camaraderie  of Greenwood’s residents and businesses, we have been able to bring the local experience to many new visitors, and introduce it to a new regional audience. We launched the new Greenwood brand with an internal community contest encouraging residents to tell “My Greenwood Story,” and share their favorite things about their great hometown. 

By laying the foundation with buy-in from the locals, we then expanded the storytelling through measured, targeted initiatives such as events, contests, blog posts and social placement. We have been able to keep the Greenwood story top of mind throughout the first months of a pandemic that all but paralyzed the travel industry. Upcoming campaigns will continue to illustrate the best of Greenwood through local stories, unique travel itineraries and additional contests.

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