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The culmination of 100+ years of innovation.

Celebrating 104 years as the nation’s leading youth movement, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) continues to seek new ways to engage, educate and build character. Knowing that relevant brands must evolve to meet the needs of new generations, BSA turned to its Innovations Group. 

STEM Scouts, which came out of BSA’s Innovations Group, is an exciting new way for boys and girls to discover the wonders of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). In spite of the gravitas of the BSA brand, STEM Scouts was a totally new creation with no history and no parameters.

BSA needed a partner (that’s us) to help launch and market this new brand, working from the ground up and finding creative ways to reach new audiences. That’s where Designsensory’s broad spectrum of services, from design and web development to social media marketing and public relations, came into play. There was little room for error, since the success or failure of the pilot program in Knoxville would determine whether this bold idea would get a chance to take off.


A new way of thinking, doing.

As a brand-new program, the STEM Scouts pilot needed everything—from a colorful, flexible brand identity to an engaging website, from print pieces for recruiting to a broad-scale campaign that reached out to parents, students, educators and media.

The insights and successes gained from our work on STEM Scouts have translated into new ways of marketing and talking about the BSA’s traditional programs (Cub, Boy, Eagle Scouting and Venturing). One year after launch, the East Tennessee pilot program had become so successful that the BSA national board voted to extend the pilot to 12 additional councils across the country.

Designsensory is proud to work with BSA in ensuring 100 more years of success. 

From local to national pilot, Designsensory takes a visionary approach, carefully considering how each piece contributes to the success of the program. We’re thrilled with their enthusiasm, guidance and knowledge in launching a brand that is memorable, impactful and fun.

April McMillan and Trent Nichols, National Directors of STEM Programs, Boy Scouts of America

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