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With six Centers of Excellence and a national reputation for outstanding research and nursing, the University of Tennessee Medical Center (UTMC) recognized the need for better tools to inform the public about health issues, services and successes. 

UTMC’s broad array of capabilities, research programs and offerings can be difficult to communicate to the public in an organized and unintimidating manner. And, with more than 3,000 employees in diverse positions, connecting staff with the resources they need to keep UTMC a top choice for medical treatment is a challenge.

In what began as a digital partnership, UTMC’s communications team came to Designsensory to revamp both its complex public website and its employee intranet. As these projects progressed, the partnership soon expanded to include other projects, such as rich media, content services and infographic design, to reach out to patients, families and donors. 

We’ve had exciting opportunities to create broad-scale campaigns and are now at work on a redesign of both the public and internal sites, adding iconography and an even cleaner interface.


Wisdom for your life.

UTMC first chose Designsensory as an interactive partner to organize the massive amount of content on the public site and to create a more efficient internal communication system, Insite.

As the relationship with UTMC grows, our rich media partner, PopFizz, has taken on photography for print materials, video for internal training and 3-D tours; our content team has developed original content for UTMC’s special publications and other external communications; and our designers have created infographics for a variety of online and print uses.

UTMC also tasks us to assist with specific campaigns. The Fans of Hope fundraising campaign was a fun way to create something cutting edge while supporting cancer research. We created a website with personalized avatars, a donation counter, a tie to UT basketball, social, and direct mail components.

Telling the UTMC story across multiple platforms in a seamless, integrated way is a great opportunity to support UTMC’s good work.

Let’s achieve great things together.

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