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Blount Partnership is the sole economic development agency for the Tennessee area that includes the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and other treasured symbols of mountain life. Blount Partnership offers opportunities to live, work and experience this softer side of the Smokies and its foothills.

The organization needed digital platforms to serve multiple audiences, to capture and convey the unique cultural experiences of the region and to create a hub of information for Blount County residents and businesses.

Blount Partnership chose Designsensory, with its tourism and commerce expertise, to create a new visual unity across the brand family and to develop websites and marketing materials for all of the family’s components. With the goal of increasing awareness of member businesses and area events, the new websites are important sources for tourism and economic information for the county.


Raising up a family in the foothills.

The Blount Partnership needed a compelling identity to unite a redesigned family of websites. Designsensory Senior Designer Matt Montgomery observed that “working with Blount Partnership has provided us the unique opportunity to connect a wide variety of complex projects under one unified banner to help the Partnership achieve its goals.”

We created a main platform, BlountPartnership.com, to direct users to other special-interest sites within the brand family. We also developed campaign concepts and print and digital products for a few of Blount County’s most popular community events, such as Hops in the Hills and the Smoky Mountain Scottish Festival & Games, as well as pitches to businesses looking to relocate.

To further the Partnership’s online presence, we added a mobile app with local news, events, economic development information and links to the Partnership’s websites and social pages.

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