Appalachian Electric Cooperative

Visualizing power and promise. 

Since 1945, Appalachian Electric Cooperative (AEC) has provided electric service to several East Tennessee counties with electric energy purchased from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).

The rural, nonprofit Cooperative is controlled by its 45,000 member-owners. Its mission is to provide reliable, cost-effective electric service and to be proactive in its approach and policies. AEC sends the unifying message to its membership, “You’re not just a utility customer. You’re a Co-op member.” 

AEC wanted a new, integrated brand identity system to reflect both 75 years of commitment and service and a promising future. When Designsensory approached the project, we considered, “How do you symbolize an organization that enlightens, energizes and empowers?” Research and collaboration with the client resulted in a new visual brand vocabulary, including a new logo, 75th anniversary crest, video and marketing pieces. 


Shining a light on commitment and heritage.

Strong brands often hold a lot of history and symbolism. They celebrate values and culture. An integrated brand identity system can make a lasting impression on its community.

AEC is celebrating 75 years of being both power distributor and partner in these communities. The Cooperative strives to set the standard for distributors of TVA power and to earn the trust and respect of its members. Its customers are informed, motivated to take charge of their energy use with greater control and flexibility. 

“How do you symbolize an organization that enlightens, energizes and empowers?” With a modern, bold identity. One that expresses the AEC brand promise and values upheld to stakeholders, now and in the future. 

With the new symbol—a celebration of AEC’s history and future—here’s to another 75 years of AEC leading the way in the industry.   

Let’s achieve great things together.

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