Strategic Advancements in Regal’s Social Media Approach

Client :Regal

Following a challenging period marked by the pandemic, and with a stacked movie lineup on the horizon, 2023 presented a unique opportunity for Regal to aim for its most ambitious social goals to date.


On the heels of other successes with the brand, from content support and influencer strategy to launching its TikTok account, we had a strong understanding of Regal. We knew the brand (and its audience) loved original, humorous content made by movie lovers. But, to better understand its target audience, we audited Regal’s social platforms and analyzed the prior year’s social performance. Paired with valuable insights from Mosaic profiling on Regal’s target audience, this provided clarity into Regal and movie-goers’ thought processes and behaviors. 


The analysis and research findings guided an overarching strategy with platform-specific objectives and tactics that aligned with Regal’s growth goals and brand awareness with audiences unique to each platform. 

Establishing an updated branding system with platform-specific guidelines gave Regal’s social feeds a polished and cohesive look, setting them apart from competitors. This approach also led to numerous original video series and ample native content to support a variety of channels, showcasing the movie-going experience, spotlighting the community and highlighting the latest releases to create a deeper connection and provide fans with content they wanted. 

Close collaboration with numerous organizations, departments and teams led to the exploration of new content verticals in-line with changing marketing needs throughout the year and establishing new high-performing content pillars, as well as extending efforts to join new social platforms, such as Threads and Letterboxd. This enabled Regal’s social channels to become a vehicle to meet the needs for all partners, and creating a reputation among other exhibitors and studios as experimental and playful.

53.5% over goal
+7.6% YoY
Fan Growth
+10% YoY
Silver Addy Winner
Regal Social Graphics

We developed a robust branded ecosystem for major content verticals like news, food service promotions, tickets on sale, posters and more.

Regal Now Showing Graphic
Regal Original Branded Content

We expanded the national cinema chain’s focus on original content, whether through experimental social-forward concepts or repacking and gaining additional utility from partner content.

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Regal's Threads Account

In an effort meet audiences where they are, we expanded Regal’s social footprint to emerging platforms like Threads and Letterboxd.

Emphasizing user-generated content and community engagement strengthened brand loyalty and authenticity.

Regal Spiderverse Red Carpet Premiere

Collaborations with influencers extended Regal’s brand reach, attracting new audiences through social content and activations tied to multiple movie releases.

The people who made it happen.
  • Joseph Nother
    Chief Creative Officer, Co-CEO
  • Hunter W. Foster
    VP, Media & Communications
  • Ben Maxey
    Art Director, Lead Motion
  • Ilana Stark
    Social Media Specialist
  • Lisa Schweikert
    Motion Designer
  • Bonnie Adams
    Influencer and Experiential Manager
  • Brad Carpenter
    VP, Engagement Marketing
  • Courtney Francis
    Project Coordinator
  • Madelyn Cunningham
    Director of Branded and Original Content
  • Chelsea Penticuff
    Account Manager