TikTok Launch

Client :Regal

Regal Cinemas wanted to drive brand awareness, nurture existing customers and reach young audiences through a relevant and impactful channel. With the launch of their influencer program, they asked us to expand their social media presence into TikTok, using goal-oriented branded content to build and maintain a relevant, impactful brand channel.


With 63% of Regal’s Gen Z customers using TikTok, this platform gave us the opportunity to create lifetime brand enthusiasts. Impactful influencers have the ability to garner engagement and interactions, deliver long-term value and drive authentic brand loyalty. Partnering with them would allow us to reach the next generation of Regal Customers using a space we could control. 

Our hosted movie events had been successful because of their authenticity and ability to connect influencers to the mission. Because humorous content performs best on TikTok, creating authentic, original content that makes viewers laugh, would be the key to driving the conversation and trends within the entertainment sphere.


Using these key insights, we created a clearly defined brand voice, finding and attaching authentic talent as the mouthpiece of our relevant, next generation voice. Investing in niche, talented influencers, we harnessed their following power and hosted watch parties, supported influencer activations for new theater openings and developed concepts for them to personalize to their own brands. Our strategy to earn higher engagement started with gaining new followers, establishing tribe members and collecting relevant content. 

We planned, edited, and produced TikToks that appealed to a range of interests featuring humorous and relatable movie-theater experiences and moments, bringing it all back to the brand. Our release-centric posts shared theater “hacks,” teasers and promotions for upcoming releases, exclusive Regal offers, and funny do’s and don’ts of movie theater culture. We shared the novel, organic-looking content four times a week on the platform and optimized trending hashtags, sounds, challenges, pop-culture references and “stitch” clips. We supplemented our transcreational content, which leveraged production resources and built brand consistency, with TikTok reposts, tagging influencer posts and responding to comments on Regal’s page, to establish brand relevance and boost engagement.

Profile Views

63% of Regal’s Gen Z customers used TikTok, as of March 2022.

Close up of two phones with regal tiktok screenshots mocked up
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60% of TikTok users were 16-24 years old, and 80% were 16-34 years old.

The people who made it happen.
  • Hunter W. Foster
    VP, Media & Communications
  • Ilana Stark
    Social Media Specialist
  • Ben Maxey
    Art Director, Lead Motion
  • Joseph Nother
    Chief Creative Officer, Co-CEO
  • Chelsea Penticuff
    Account Manager
  • Brad Carpenter
    VP, Engagement Marketing
  • Madelyn Cunningham
    Director of Branded and Original Content