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Client :Gatlinburg SkyPark

Gatlinburg SkyPark needed tactics for keeping its attraction top-of-mind and gaining earned media exposure to support repeat visitation, with an added need to keep all elements new and fresh beyond the SkyBridge, the crown jewel of the park.


The SkyBridge opened in May 2019 at the Gatlinburg SkyPark and brought the attraction a tremendous opportunity for developing an extensive list of media contacts for earned media exposure. In the years following the unveiling of the SkyBridge, the park would go on to open the SkyTrail in mid 2020 and the Tulip Tower in late 2021, which also provided earned media opportunities. With a maximum daily capacity of 10,000 people, the SkyPark needed recommendations for filling the seasonal gaps and the period between new attraction elements opening.


Beginning with the grand opening of the SkyBridge, we created vintage inspired illustrated marketing materials – nodding toward the attraction’s 1950s history (the decade it originally opened as the Gatlinburg SkyLift) and postcard-worthy views – and provided event coordination for a VIP & media event as part of a regional PR campaign.

After some major success, including a visit from the CBS Sunday Morning crew and additional pick-ups from Travel & Leisure, CNN Travel and more, we understood the need for continued public relations support to maintain brand awareness in local, regional and national markets. These efforts included the development of press releases, story pitches and ongoing media relations. We paired this earned media push with paid media support, as our the design and media teams orchestrated out-of-home placements for a regional evergreen campaign.

Shortly after the launch of the SkyBridge, in late 2019, we implemented the first of a series of playful events held throughout the year. Events centered around holiday-specific themes, community driven activations and large-scale stunts, such as a slack line team walking the length of the SkyBridge suspended high in the air, provided significant added value for guests and created conversation points for earned media coverage. With the primary goal of driving off-season visitors and stimulating interest in repeat visitors, the creative team conceptualized these events while considering the marketing impact, guest appeal and overall uniqueness. All of these events were brought to life through sourcing and negotiating any third party vendor participation, collaborating with the client and overseeing all logistical aspects of the event. And, of course, a PR and marketing collateral package was provided for each event to reiterate the message that the SkyPark is an evolving attraction. 

With the support of the attraction’s outstanding staff and team, the themed events and marketing campaign gave Gatlinburg SkyPark the push needed to be named the 2020 State of Tennessee Attraction of the Year.

Designsensory followed up this success by using the same framework to support the launch of additional elements at the park, such as the SkyTrail in 2020 and the Tulip Tower in 2021.

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2020 State of Tennessee Attraction of the Year
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    VP, Media & Communications
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    Senior Art Director
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    Senior Media Operations Specialist
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    Senior Director of Client Growth & Services
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    Chief Creative Officer, Co-CEO
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