Research-Guided Marketing Strategy

Client :BrightRidge Broadband

A late entrant to the internet provider market, BrightRidge needed a strong marketing strategy to drive new customer acquisition and boost engagement. After underperforming in the initial phase, they came to us for industry insights.



In an industry with roughly 90% market penetration, we needed direct insights from competitors’ loyal users, to understand how to appeal to potential customers. We used DSI research and data to guide creative, media recommendations and executions, working under a tight timeline.


We developed lifestyle profiles for multiple household segments that indexed high as likely customers, defining the unique characteristics of each. Using the information we gathered from potential customers, we determined key ISP attributes that would motivate them to seriously consider switching from their current providers.

The research revealed competitive opportunities to attract new customers, and defined the perceived unique benefits of BrightRidge and barriers preventing households from considering switching to the new service.

mosaic profiles


DSI research guided our market communication strategy and creative to reach our target audience through highly targeted and curated digital ads. The resulting campaign drove new sign ups, significantly exceeding the client’s sales goals. The ads led to an increase in market penetration, share, and new customer acquisition–attracting internet users to switch from competitor providers.

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The people who made it happen.
  • Joseph Nother
    Chief Creative Officer, Co-CEO
  • Kate Ambos
    VP, Client Services
  • Chris Wise
    VP, Insights and Strategy
  • Caroline Duggan
    Program Manager
  • Jessica Thompson
    Associate Media Director
  • Allie Torres-Lopez
    UX Designer