ARC Opening Campaign

Client :Zoo Knoxville

Zoo Knoxville had a goal of reaching 800,000 visitors by 2023. They asked us to create an integrated campaign to raise awareness for the new Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (ARC) Campus opening.


The old facility allowed guests to view only a few animals at a time, so emphasizing the scale of the new and improved one would naturally attract more visitors. Historically, new exhibits have earned huge spikes in zoo visits. We’ve also seen that pictures of the animals attract more visitors than animated graphics. The most effective way for us to reach our audience of older Gen Z-ers and Millennials with young kids, would be to promote the new exhibit across digital platforms that they frequent and out of home displays to reinforce awareness. 


We created marketing materials to release in two phases. The first teased the facility’s upcoming opening, and the second announced that it was officially open. We designed branding for the new exhibit, including a custom ARC logo and signage. Using a messaging-focused approach, we designed mysterious, daring posters, print ads, billboards and a landing page featuring large typography incorporating textures representative of the animals in the new exhibit. 

The designs and animal photography, combined with radio ads featuring a custom music board we created specifically for this campaign, built anticipation among our target audience. The ads played into the feeling of intrigue and excitement that these reptiles and amphibians elicit. Nearing the opening, we transitioned from a macro to micro approach, incorporating the same thrilling, horror movie-esque feel and playful lettering from the first phase. 

After the teaser, we released a commercial spot with less abstract pieces of the animals, and more representation of our diverse audience. We captured a family’s lively reactions as they experienced the ARC animals and visited the exhibit, enabling us to push the envelope with our second set of social and digital creative. The imagery of abstract pieces of the animals were closer, bolder, and more spine-tingling, announcing the ARC was finally open. 

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The people who made it happen.
  • Joseph Nother
    Chief Creative Officer, Co-CEO
  • Chris Cable
    VP, Creative
  • Katie Marshall
    Senior Art Director
  • Ben Maxey
    Art Director, Lead Motion
  • Kate Ambos
    VP, Client Services
  • Caroline Duggan
    Program Manager