Campground Management Brand Launch

Client :Staylist

Staylist needed to raise awareness for their advanced technology and increase users. They asked us to create new visual and content assets as part of a complete brand refresh to position them as the innovative, superior campground management software.


The current website was acting as a landing page and didn’t clearly define or position the Staylist brand. Users wanted more detailed information on the features after learning about the benefits. Once the users tried the demo, they converted into Staylist users, so motivating our target audience to try the demo was key. Pricing and customizability are major differentiators between the client and its competitors, so those aspects were important to call out. 



We designed and integrated new creative content positioning Staylist as the easy-to-use, affordable booking software solution. Using a human-centered approach, we highlighted success stories by capturing photography of existing users’ campgrounds and pairing them with authentic testimonials. To establish connections between potential customers and the brand, we showcased the faces of current users who have experienced the competitive advantage of booking with Staylist.

Implementing SEO marketing throughout the refreshed assets, we created organic and paid content to raise brand awareness. To encourage views and shares, we composed blogs covering a more diverse range of relevant topics. Benefit-specific headlines lead viewers to pillar pages detailing the unique features.

We captured and held viewers’ attention by clearly identifying solutions the innovative technology offers campground managers. Showcasing the specific pain points our platform alleviates inspired new users to engage with the software, request a demo, and experience it for themselves. We created 3D-animated tutorials highlighting how to use the customizable features to increase business. Vibrant new designs, an eye-catching logo, and targeted content piqued users’ interest. The intuitive platform encourages loyalty, helping users optimize Staylist for day-to-day, campground management solutions.

Additionally, the launch was supported by a booth design — a repurposed and custom designed shipping container – and print materials to support sales and meet campground managers where they are.

ADA Compliant New Website
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Staylist logo design specs
staylist branding

We developed robust brand guidelines, inslusive a multiple marks and a fully system of icons for use in numerous applications.

Photo and video production for customer testimonials captured at Staylist’s most successful campgrounds.

Staylist at conference

The custom designed container supported activation efforts and featured a mural and campground motif, such as string lights and faux rock cushions, campfire and grass.

The people who made it happen.
  • Joseph Nother
    Chief Creative Officer, Co-CEO
  • Hunter W. Foster
    VP, Media & Communications
  • Ben Maxey
    Art Director, Lead Motion
  • Katie Marshall
    Senior Art Director
  • Lisa Schweikert
    Motion Designer
  • Chelsea Penticuff
    Account Manager