Remastered | An Original Series
Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development

A statewide effort.

There is a resurgence of the American Dream in the South. Some say it’s an inherent dedication to craft and perseverance. The South will tell you it’s simply a way of life. But what exactly caused this renaissance of culture and craft in our own faithful state?

Remastered seeks to answer this question in a rich and provocative manner, from the standpoint of those who know the success of Tennessee best: Jack Daniel Distillery, Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Saint Blues Guitar Workshop, Prophetik Haute Couture, United Record Pressing and Lodge Cast Iron. These brands embody what Tennessee brings to the world stage. Each episode of Remastered focuses on the personal narratives behind these brands and examines the cultural influences that drive their craft.

Designsensory and the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development incubated the idea of using long-form branded storytelling as a marketing tactic for a while. Fresh off the success of the television show Tennessee Uncharted for another state department, TWRA, Designsensory was particularly bullish on telling a deeper and more compelling story than short-form or traditional advertising can accomplish. This episodic content touches on all the advantages a state organization has access to, but still manages to bring the audience into a space that is both entertaining and informative.

Remastered has been a tremendous labor of love—it's a love letter to the state of Tennessee that we're proud to have authored. Learn more about the show and where you can watch it at

PopFizz collaborated with Designsensory to support the project with cinematography, editing, and storytelling capabilities.

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