Meet Future You Campaign

Client :Rather & Kittrell

Knoxville’s premier wealth management firm, Rather & Kittrell, asked us to help generate leads to establish connections among their tightly defined audience. We wanted to position them as thought leaders to inspire their target market to begin engaging in complex and challenging conversations with RK.


RK helps clients navigate major life transitions by asking them to examine their priorities, values and life goals. Conversations about death, divorce, marriage, retirement and selling a business are often difficult, confusing and complex. RK prioritizes peace of mind, helping its geographically and demographically specific clients create a personalized future plan.


Using the mosaic lifestyle segmentation data from Experian, we created specific audience profiles and built a marketing strategy around them. We conducted a complete audit on our clients’ existing branding, communications, marketing and activations using the insights to guide our website refresh and multi-channel integrated campaign. Our audience was particularly receptive to direct mail and digital display, and both channels allowed us to track, funnel and directly reach our niche market. 

We created a series of postcards and letters addressed to members of a curated mailing list, serving as correspondence from their thriving future selves. This “Future You” sent postcards back through the ages to let them know in the present that working with RK to develop a long-term financial plan was the decision that made possible the life they’ve always dreamed of living. The postcards guided recipients to a landing page on the refreshed website, prompting them to schedule an appointment to talk with RK, or sign up for an upcoming webinar. The frequency of these postcards, arriving every 10 days leading up to the webinar, helped with recall, motivating potential clients through personalized messaging and beautiful designs. 

We implemented digital retargeting ads, print creative in location publications, and general digital ads independent of the main creative to drive sign ups to the webinar. Blog posts, articles and videos supplemented the webinar to establish RK’s reputation and introduce potential clients to the services and relationships available.

postcard and letter

The final piece in the mailer campaign was a long-form letter, addressed from the desk of the recipient, with an image tucked inside celebrating the birth of a new baby in their family a few years down the road.

Meet Future You campaign designs

The first iteration of the landing page tied directly to the original direct mail campaign, which invited potential customers to imaging their futures with RK’s help.

Meet Future You campaign postcards

A new direct mailer took the campaign one step further, with evolved messaging around the life that would be possible with Rather & Kittrell. Each fold of the mailer reveals a different member of one family and how their lives were changed by good planning.

Meet Future You campaign brochure
Meet Future You campaign website

As the campaign evolved over time, so did the landing page. It was later updated to reflect messaging from the new direct mailer, while maintaining some of the original style elements for cohesion.

The people who made it happen.
  • Joseph Nother
    Chief Creative Officer, Co-CEO
  • Kate Ambos
    VP, Client Services
  • Caroline Duggan
    Program Manager
  • Ryan Lee
    Sr. Manager, Strategy & Account Planning