COVID-19 Information Hub

Client :State of Tennessee

During the uncertain early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the public received floods of information from various resources. Governor Bill Lee’s office needed a COVID-19 information hub, grant support, and up-to-date PSAs to share accurate, reliable and timely information with the public.

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The outpour of information from multiple sources across several platforms was causing confusion and misinformation. To safely guide people through the pandemic, we needed to streamline accurate, updated information focusing on crucial resources. Health protocols, new, and testing and policy information needed to be accessible and easy to understand.


To make the website content clear and accessible to this large, diverse audience, we prioritized three key pieces of COVID-19 information: Tennessee’s case data, hospitalization rates, and testing resources. We integrated dynamic Tableau data visualization software to reinterpret statistics daily into visual charts and graphs. We aggregated an up-to-date database through a geolocated map using CDC data and an Apple algorithm to cross-compare TN data with national COVID-19 cases. 

We created guides on testing and isolation protocols, and added prevention and screening resources, symptom and hospitalization data, and PSAs to reduce confusion. Our dynamic placement PSAs iterated effective, safe health protocols, adjusting messaging to match real-time COVID-19 case changes. We rolled out several phases of informative, creative narratives, delivering clear messaging empowering Tennesseans to do their part to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

Businesses also needed guidance to apply for grants and quickly ensure their economic viability. In addition to the widespread and targeted creative PSAs, we developed a quick eligibility tool guiding businesses through grant applications to keep their businesses open and staff employed. 

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COVID-19 website screenshots
COVID-19 website screenshots
COVID-19 website screenshots
The people who made it happen.
  • Brandon Rochelle
    Chief Technology Officer, Co-CEO
  • Joseph Nother
    Chief Creative Officer, Co-CEO
  • Colby Johnson
    Technical Developer
  • Chelsea Penticuff
    Account Manager
  • Ryan Lee
    Sr. Manager, Strategy & Account Planning
  • Barry Hylton
    Technical Development Manager