We’re Feeling 22! Another Year of Success at Designsensory

19 September 2023
We’re Feeling 22! Another Year of Success at Designsensory

Every August, we celebrate the anniversary of Designsensory, which opened its doors for business way back in 2001. We recently gathered together to celebrate 22 years as a company. And we had quite a bit to celebrate! In just the last year, we’ve seen many successes, welcomed new faces and reached further to broaden and deepen our expertise. Co-founders Joseph Nother and Brandon Rochelle had a few things to say about the last 22 years.

“Happy 22 years! It’s been an absolutely wild ride. The thing that has not changed for me since day one is the comradery in the spirit of working with so many people who are dedicated to their craft. That is the thing that gets me up in the morning, that’s the thing that makes me feel the best about all the things that we do – that we can stand together, shoulder to shoulder, and fight for our craft and deliver something spectacular for our clients. All of you come here and invest yourselves in Designsensory and it allows everyone to grow. That’s what makes it special. Here’s to another 22 years!” – Joseph Nother

“This is just the start of another 22 years. I’m really excited to see where we go from here. Honestly, when we started this 22 years ago, I thought we’d maybe be 8 people and be a boutique agency, doing what we want to do. So, to look around and see how many we have surrounding us now that are just awesome at what they do, it’s really cool to walk in the door every day and see that.” – Brandon Rochelle

So, here’s to 22 remarkable years at Designsensory — where we’re not just celebrating our past, but embracing the potential of our future. Cheers to another 22 years of growth, innovation, and sparking creativity in the world of marketing. We’re not just feeling 22; we’re feeling unstoppable!

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