Minding the Gap: The Art of Producing & Other Lessons From London

06 October 2023
Minding the Gap: The Art of Producing & Other Lessons From London

Designsensory recently attended London Fashion Week to cover Prophetik’s fall collection and conduct interviews for “Let Them Be Naked,” a sustainable documentary we are producing alongside Jeff Garner, Prophetik’s designer, and PopFizz.

Director of Original Development, Madelyn Cunningham, reflects on her time across the pond producing a documentary.

Madelyn Cunningham

Documentary production starves every fiber of my being that requires certainty to survive yet I feel fuller than ever and buzzing to share a few lessons from the latest production leg of our Let Them Be Naked documentary.

Jake Macpherson, our DP, in architectural building in London
Jake Macpherson, DP

1. Say Yes and then Figure It Out

You don’t have to know how you’re going to get there – just that you want to get there. I’ve discovered that once you say yes – the universe tends to double down on your energy and doors will open. In the field during a doc, opportunities will constantly crop up and may throw off your current path or schedule. Instead of remaining rigid – find a way to flow. Your project will thank you.

Joseph Nother sitting on the street to get a good photo angle

2. Stay Ready so you Don’t Have to Get Ready

You can’t yell “CUT!” and you can’t run it back. The key to capturing authentic moments is to remain present, engaged, and ready to get down and dirty if necessary, like our principal Joseph Nother.

Joseph Nother & Madelyn Cunningham in car in London

3. Perfect Your Poker Face

I have made it a personal goal of mine to never let my face crack. And no, I’m not talking about wrinkles. I mean when even the most unexpected things happen in the field – my face remains calm and unfazed. Everyone on and around the set will reflect your level of confidence about any given situation – so as the Brits say – keep it calm, and carry on.

Madelyn carrying coffees for crew

4. Take Care of the Team

You’re tired, they’re tired, we’re all tired. Throw in a little jet lag and everyone is toast. As a producer, I try to create small moments throughout the day that keep everyone going.

Box of macarons

5. Leave it Better Than You Found It

In any location and with any interaction, it is important to me that we exit gracefully and graciously. Thank you notes, cookies from a local shop, or flowers are some of my favorite ways to thank the locations, subjects, local freelancers and interviewees we interact with on these productions.

Learn more about Let Them Be Naked: A Sustainable Fashion Documentary produced by Designsensory, Prophetik designer and eco-fashion pioneer Jeff Garner, and production partner PopFizz.

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