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Avatar Michael Pryfogle, Senior Technical Director

Foodie, musician and craft brewer, Michael is the go-to expert for iOS and Android apps that ease the way for travelers and shoppers.

Originally from Ohio, Michael studied at the University of Cincinnati, earning his B.S. in computer engineering. Upon graduation, he pursued a brief career in music, which led him to Knoxville, Tennessee. He began doing contract work with Designsensory in late 2004 and joined as a full-time developer in 2006.

Michael works mainly behind the scenes, crafting the tools that make websites work better. He is often the point technician for many of the iOS and Android apps that come from Designsensory.

In his off time, Michael enjoys searching out fine food and drink with his wife, Rachael, and their two dogs (both boxers). He is an avid home brewer and certified beer judge, so there is usually something interesting to drink when visiting Michael.

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