“Sometimes I get emotional over fonts.” — Kanye West

Avatar Kaleigh Veca, UX Architect

A hybrid UX architect and wordsmith, Kaleigh crafts ideas into digital experiences.

Kaleigh graduated magna cum laude from the Chancellor's Honors Program at the University of Tennessee with a B.F.A. in Graphic Design. With minors in both Hispanic Studies (Spanish) and Entrepreneurship, she can speak proficiently in Spanish and business buzzwords. As an avid learner with a smorgasbord of interests, Kaleigh is passionate about digging deep into research to find insights and optimal solutions for our clients—and their end users. 

On warm weekends, Kaleigh can be found camping, hiking, and/or backpacking in the Smokies. Kaleigh enjoys solving crossword puzzles in pen, eating cheddar cheeseburgers, thrifting, playing board games, and competing in trivia at restaurants around town. 

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