There are only two kinds of food in this world: food I’ve eaten and food I’m going to eat.

Avatar Justin Gibson, Technical Manager, Quality & Support

Justin's diverse professional background has one common thread, relationships.

He began his tenure at Designsensory as an account manager but decided to follow his passion for solving complex technical problems by joining the tech team in Spring 2016.

In every position, Justin focuses on customer service. “Our clients have hundreds of things they have to worry about,” he says. “My goal is to make sure that we take one thing off their plates, making sure their project is fulfilled on time, accurately, and at the highest quality possible.”

Justin recently returned to his hometown of Knoxville after five years of studying and working in Georgia, Illinois, Idaho, Utah and Texas. He enjoys staying active in the outdoors, on the water, at CrossFit, and mountain biking the trails around Knoxville.

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