Adaptability, curiosity and love for conversation continue to draw me into this amazing and ever-evolving industry.

Avatar Josh Loebner, Director of Strategy

Josh brings unique insight on brand stories to clients, students and industry insiders.

Always inquisitive, Josh believes that combining research and strategic thinking lays the foundation for powerful, goal-oriented design aesthetics. From Madison Avenue to Knoxville, Tennessee, Josh has helped guide marketing efforts and campaign strategies for national brands, including the U.S. Army, Crystal Light, Advil and Monsanto, as well as local brands such as PetSafe, Mayfield Dairy, GreenBank and many others.

Josh is an adjunct faculty member of King College, teaching upper-level communications courses, including Rhetoric & Persuasion. He currently serves as diversity coordinator for District 7 of the American Advertising Federation, which represents 23 affiliate advertising clubs and federations in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.

Josh’s blog brings conviction, visibility and voice to a rarely discussed topic—advertising and disability. The blog is widely read and commented on by industry leaders, including noted author Al Ries, president of the American Association of Advertising Agencies, Nancy Hill and industry journalist Bob Garfield. Josh received a B.S in agriculture and an M.S. in communications focused on advertising, both from the University of Tennessee.

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