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Avatar Colby Johnson, Technical Developer
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With an art teacher for a mother and two brothers who own a design firm in Chattanooga, Tennessee, you could say Colby comes from an artistic family.

This creative drive helped Colby find his passion for development, as it satisfies his need to build and make and allows him to practice his problem solving skills.

After graduating from Pellissippi in 2014, Colby immediately went to work in his field at a small marketing firm in Maryville, Tennessee, where he stayed for 5 years. Passionate for good design and craftsmanship, Colby joined Designsensory. Here, he hopes to hone his development skills, grow his professional relationships and work on interesting projects.

When Colby is not working, you can find him with his family—building lego structures with his seven-year-old, playing with toy cars with his one-year-old and defeating his wife at Scrabble (don’t tell her he said that, though).