"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have" - Maya Angelou

Avatar Adam Wigren, Producer

Adam can run your shoot and your business, too.

Adam is a Knoxville native but has bounced around a few locations over the past 5 years. After receiving his MBA in 2014, Adam began a career as a marketing and operations project manager. He soon realized he wanted to work more directly in the creative field and set off on a new journey.

Adam got his feet wet in our field as a freelancer—doing everything from production assistant tasks to editing and producing small scale commercials. With about seven years’ experience in project management and marketing, three of which were in video production, Adam brings a well-rounded skill set and creative eye to his role as a producer.

As he puts it, the video production process has so many moving parts and so many talented individuals involved, he’s glad to be interacting, coordinating, and learning from those creatives every day.

Whether traveling and snapping photos or playing golf and visiting wineries, you can find Adam enjoying life with his golden retriever, Russell. Or maybe you can catch him just around the house out as he watches way too many YouTube tutorials about editing pictures and videos.

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