Tennessee Guidebook Covers
Tennessee Department of Tourist Development

Spotlighting a tourism best.

When Tennessee’s tourism team asked Designsensory to create covers for the official Tennessee Vacation Guide, we looked for iconic images and experiences that said, “This is authentic Tennessee.” 

As part of our larger campaign to promote Tennessee tourism, we incorporated the state’s natural beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities into the perfect setting for the 2013 cover design. Shot at scenic Fall Creek Falls State Park, the cover image captures a family enjoying the outdoor fun, music and memories that only a vacation in Tennessee could bring together.

To get the perfect cover image, our team collaborated with the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development (TDTD) on the concept, locations and talent, bringing together photographers, stylists and the rest of the creative crew. For additional buzz, we wrote and filmed a behind-the-scenes video showing what it takes to capture a big story in a single image.

For 2014, we went to the music and arts side of the state’s legacy. Entertainment icon Justin Timberlake, a native Memphian, brought his unmistakable flair to the cover. Artist Jon Contino’s hand-drawn lettering further emphasizes the state’s rich and varied traditions. The typography was part of Designsensory’s broader campaign for TDTD and also appears in the redesigned website, making Tennessee the first state to develop its own travel and tourism letter style.

The state circulated more than 550,000 printed Tennessee Vacation Guides in 2014. Options include both printed and electronic version, each providing comprehensive road maps, contact information and detailed facts about attractions statewide.

Dreaming to Doing: Learning About Travelers

Knowing that all Tennessee Tourism advertising direct visitors to request the official Tennessee Vacation Guide, the primary fulfillment piece for Tennessee tourism, we knew we needed to keep the look and feel new and fresh. Repeat visitors request the guide each year but it was important to move the needle by incorporating rich media and iconic artists to create engagement beyond the primary audience.

Audience Insight

Music and scenic beauty are top drivers for tourists to Tennessee.


Using and iconic artist such as Justin Timberlake resonated with a broader audience.

Outside Inspiration

Knowing video content was on the rise, behind-the-scenes video added an additional source of engagement.

Custom videos and photography by PopFizz help showcase Tennessee’s subregional character.
Highlights and Performance Metrics

When 87% of undecided visitors said they were influenced to visit Tennessee after reading the Tennessee Vacation Guide, you know distribution numbers are key.

550,000 Tennessee Vacation Guides printed each year

4,036 views of the 2013 Behind the photo shoot video


75,000 additional copies - 2014 was the most requested vacation guide ever

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