COVID-19 Public Service Announcements
Tennessee Governor’s Office and Tennessee Department of Health

Health Protocol Insights for All Tennesseans

Through a fluid phased approach, Designsensory rapidly iterated and adjusted messaging to match real-time COVID-19 case changes. Phase 1 creative, Do Your Part. Stay Apart. presented an easy-to-understand and clear message that individuals can control the spread of COVID-19 and guided Tennesseans to socially distance from one another. Phase 2, Stay Home. Save Lives. built on the earlier phase by highlighting that everyone in Tennessee can support the valuable role first responders play, to lessen the impact on healthcare workers and hospitals by remaining at home. Phase 3 creative, Face It. Masks Fight COVID-19., continues to guide change among Tennesseans through advertising campaigns instead of government mandates. Phase 4 evolved the campaign to more directly target two demographic groups. The Choices campaign targets 22 - 28-year-old young adults that may attend college. And at the other extreme, the Farmer campaign targets 55-year-olds and up that may be at higher risk and that live in rural markets.

Designsensory created all aspects of the campaigns including design, filming, editing and writing. In addition, the content was translated to Spanish-language for niche target creative. State-wide and community-specific media planning and buying, serving 144+ million impressions across the State of Tennessee, were spearheaded by Designsensory.

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