Tennessee Aquarium and Chattanooga Influencer Program
Tennessee Aquarium

Influence and Impact.


The city of Chattanooga is full of breathtaking views and world-class attractions like the Tennessee Aquarium, and it makes for a great backdrop on social media. Teams from Chattanooga’s Visitors Bureau and the aquarium came to Designsensory for assistance in influencer marketing and promoting their riverside treasure. 

Our influencer strategy team developed a long-term influencer campaign to better connect new and returning visitors to the city and the Tennessee Aquarium, specifically. From 110,000 blog subscribers to an Instagram following of more than 160,000, the social influencers were carefully chosen to bring an educated and diverse point of view when posting. 

The first quarter laid the groundwork for the year, and during quarter two, the strategic team focused on increasing impressions and engagement. By the end of the year, our team leveraged learnings and revisited the verticals that yielded the best results in the previous quarters such as family bloggers, young lifestyle bloggers and “celebfluencers” with higher followings.

By focusing on each individual influencer’s passion points, Designsensory was able to deliver a unique and authentic experience that resulted in engaging content. Our marketing team consulted with each influencer, requesting two static social posts, eight to ten Instagram Stories and evergreen photos captured while on their trips to Chattanooga. Each of the 22 influencers in 2019 went above and beyond those requests, offering far more than 10 Instagram Stories, a plethora of static posts and in-depth blogs written to summarize their tour. 

The year ended with 549 pieces of branded content, 121 pieces of evergreen content, 11 community partners and 4.9 million impressions, and we’re just scratching the surface. 

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