STEM Scouts Make the Future Campaign
Boy Scouts of America

Empowering the Youth of Today to Tackle Tomorrow

To encourage youth to explore STEM – science, technology, engineering and math – and the STEM Scouts program, the “Make the Future” campaign emphasizes student’s future potential and motivates them to dream big.

The Boy Scouts of America, of which STEM Scouts is a sub-program, carries the brand tagline “Prepared for Life.” We approached the “Make the Future” campaign in a similar way. How do you prepare for the world of tomorrow? How are we equipping ourselves and our children to solve the problems of tomorrow?

Campaign pieces were developed for print, digital and social media. Visuals paired young STEM Scouts with their future selves, set in front of futuristic, low-poly environments, allowing them (and their parents) to envision a scientific career and building a better and brighter future.

When determining each of the four campaign creative sets, we placed an added emphasis on diversity, allowing any and all STEM Scouts to see themselves in their desired field of interest. Each of the background environments synced up with things kids dream about today and will be real-world challenges in their lifetime — creating virtual worlds, cities of the future, how we care for our environment, the exploration and colonization of other planets.

Let’s achieve great things together.

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