Staylist Brand Launch Campaign

Targeting the Outdoor Traveler.

Staylist needed a new brand to launch its first consumer-facing mobile application, where travelers everywhere can discover their next outdoor adventure. Since their business model had sustained only the reservation portion for lodging business before, we needed to rethink how the brand worked for consumers. We started with primary consumer research to gain perspective on the various types of outdoor travelers and how they consider, find, book and attend campsites. Design teams then created a logomark and set of icons to represent travel in a way that is visually engaging and intuitively understood.

We built a brand voice around the attributes, mission and vision of Staylist as well, which drove the creation of new branded content. With the new branding in place, we refreshed the Staylist landing page to match the new mobile app and shared the upgraded experiences in an animated launch film. The brand reveal video played in the company’s booth at the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds annual trade show and was utilized on social media to drive app downloads. The new look for Staylist called for updated merchandise including t-shirts, business cards, print collateral and more.

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