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Ranked among the best states for business by Forbes, it’s no surprise that South Carolina has a boundless list of entrepreneurs and business leaders, and the state’s Office of Innovation partnered with Designsensory in 2019 to better share those professional stories and inspire the next generation of innovators. Alongside the launch of Scribble, a digital content hub and toolkit for South Carolina Department Commerce, came the release of Of Note and a series of educational blogs and videos. 

At a high level, our teams wanted to set up episodic, ongoing conversations about and with people. Of Note is a podcast on innovation and highlights some of the most interesting business minds in the Palmetto State. Hosted by our own Joseph Nother and Laura Corder of the Office of Innovation, the series provides listeners with stories of innovation, funding, entrepreneurship, growth and more. From Krissa Watry of Dynepic to Juan Caicedo of the University of South Carolina, our entrepreneurs tackle questions such as: How have you overcome failures in your career? How do you define innovation? What advice would you give to young innovators? 

We ultimately wanted our interviewees to share what did and didn’t work for them in their careers, and it was important that those stories relate to a wide range of people — CEOs, startups, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, students and more. 

The podcast has allowed us to share their stories and increase visibility for the client in a rich, creative way. Episodes were repacked from the larger educational video series and remain different, entertaining and wholly their own. Both the videos and the podcast have been well-received, with Of Note being recognized as a 2020 Webby Honoree, joining the likes of AdAge, Bloomberg and Harvard Business Review. Of Note is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher and all videos are available on

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