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The South Carolina Commerce Office of Innovation realized early on that innovation is driven by the collective minds that take part in connecting and collaborating. They needed to build a brand that pays homage to South Carolina as an innovative state in the past and present, while also looking forward to where the state is going and how it is fostering incubators and big ideas.

They charged us with the branding, and we set out to establish the building blocks that would formulate a fully-functioning brand for SC Innovation’s brainchild. That started with research and led to developing a mission and vision statement, brand personality and positioning, core values and audience personas. Having laid the foundation and strategy for the brand, we began an exploration for the name and visual identity.

We landed on “Scribble,” a name that epitomizes the journey toward innovation, where thoughts and ideas are written or scribbled down on a piece of paper and brought to life through perserverence. This informed the logomark, which includes a glyph set that works within the design of the brand and acts as custom typography. 

The flexible system is modified for the website and content, aiding the visuals to help users find information more quickly. Additional iconography acts as an accent to calls to action. We rounded it out with an informative tag to help new users understand the goals and objectives of the brand: “South Carolina Innovation Hub.”

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