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Casting a broader net.

With a new web platform that accommodates a much broader range of visitors, Lamar is ready for business across all user groups: staff across the country, national advertisers, agency and media teams, small business owners (some first-time advertisers), press, environmentally focused community members and others.

With so many different audience segments, unique functionality and content were key factors in the site’s development.

The Designsensory team took a road trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where the company was founded in 1902, we talked with the passionate staff and family members leading the company. We toured production facilities, where we were dwarfed by 3-D build-outs. Each experience helped Designsensory plan and visualize  

The responsive website—with hundreds of pages—is the result of a months-long collaboration between Lamar Advertising, Designsensory and IT consulting firm Perficient. Key features include the Products section, which defines Lamar as much more than a billboard company, and the Get Inspired section, showcasing one-of-a-kind creative and exciting client stories about Lamar’s partnership power. A special Giving Back section connects nonprofits and the community with the company’s far-reaching altruistic efforts.


Dreaming To Doing: Larger-Than-Life Approach

Reflective of Lamar’s oversized messages, our task was in no way small, from engaging with the varied audiences, to highlighting a rich and robust company history and showcasing Lamar’s community commitment. Throughout the process, we worked together to create not only a bigger site but larger impact.

Audience Insights

The site needs to connect with many audiences, from small business owners to Lamar staff to ad agency executives.


Technical teams allowed for the site to provide real-time data on billboard locations, availabilities and contracts.

Competitive Benchmarks

To lead the out-of-home industry, Lamar wanted a site that moves the conversation beyond OOH into integrated campaigns.

Let’s achieve great things together.

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