Greenwood Branding and Launch Strategy
Discover Greenwood

Local Stories; Enchanted Visitors

The Greenwood Tourism & Visitor Bureau (now Discover Greenwood) came to us knowing that their city had a lot to offer. But tourists were overlooking Greenwood in favor of larger, better-known cities. The key was to find ways to position Greenwood through its differences, to help audiences consider Greenwood over other nearby destinations.

As always, our work depends on thorough research. That included learning about Greenwood through discovery sessions with staff and locals, existing marketing materials and familiarization tours. We studied category trends, evaluated competitors, and did an extensive asset inventory. We identified and planned around Greenwood’s strengths: its nature and outdoor activities; signature festivals; quality of life; Uptown beauty and walkability; rich history and culture; affordability; and community support and involvement. 

We created research-based profiles of Greenwood visitors using the Experian MOSAIC segmentation system. Visitors were self-defined via online surveys as well as a supplied database from Greenwood. We identified likely visitors in Tier 1 secondary and Tier 2 primary audiences, from young, rural families to urban, upscale boomers. We also completed brand concept testing to further develop and refine the new visual identity.

Greenwood is a budding destination with untapped stories and unique experiences. We knew that these vivid and genuine stories and experiences could put Greenwood on the map as a travel destination. Local ambassadors, each with an interesting Greenwood story, became the linchpin of the new brand and tagline, “Where stories come alive.” Each hometown story became an opportunity to encourage visitors to come to Greenwood and “love it like a local.”

We wanted the new visual identity to capture that same welcoming energy, beauty and unity.  The new brand presence and carefully crafted messages homed in on what truly makes Greenwood unique and were unveiled at an Uptown event for locals, showcasing the Art Museum as well as the new concept. 

The new logo recognizes Greenwood’s natural resources, such as Lake Greenwood, and its rich horticultural heritage, including the SC Festival of Flowers, the city’s pollinator and butterfly gardens, and the whimsical topiaries for which it is known. The bright, crafted color palette of the new logo is optimistic and energetic. Bold blues and greens emphasize the natural landscape and beauty of the area. The warmer tones capture the friendliness of the people and the liveliness of the area’s signature events and activities.

With the new visuals and tagline, we set about creating a strategic plan for more regional awareness of Greenwood as an affordable golf destination; further tapped into the heritage tourism trend through connection with National Heritage Corridor and U.S. Civil Rights Trail; established Greenwood as a spoke for larger, nearby cities (e.g., Greenville, Asheville, Atlanta); targeted visitors seeking outdoor recreation and a lake vacation destination; heightened the agritourism attractions’ profile; and bridged the gap between Uptown’s shops and restaurants and Lake Greenwood’s outdoor fun.

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