With the arrival of August 2021, Designsensory begins our 20th year in business. 

These have been challenging, unprecedented times for everyone. Perhaps a silver lining is the opportunity to reflect on things, to make changes and to renew relationships and commitments. For businesses, adverse times present an opportunity to strengthen core values and re-energize organizational purpose.

Given the uncertainty around the pandemic, our celebrations will be virtual for a little while longer but hopefully transition to face-to-face moments in 2022. What we can do now is reaffirm the spirit that drives us as a group. A brand purpose that hasn’t changed since the beginning. When asked what we do, now more than ever, the simplest answer is this: 

We help bring great ideas to life.  

Whether it’s connecting innovators to content, promoting and selling best-of-breed products to customers, entertaining audiences, uncovering insights that drive smart decisions, empowering athletes in their sport, inspiring people to discover a new destination or sparking people to rally around an important social cause.

What we do is hard, fun and complex. It takes tremendous talent, patience and focus. People willing to collaborate. To respect opinions and be open to change—AKA unicorns. It takes amazing people, supported by friends and families, to do what we do, and we’ve had the great privilege over two decades to be in the presence of genius every single day.

It takes a special kind of trust. A gift that we continue to receive from clients. Turning over hard-earned capital to someone with the expectation that they can take it and amplify it is a profound act of trust. Every day our clients place that trust in us to take their investment and shepherd it, allocate it wisely based on our experience and expertise and make it do something magical.

What started with Brandon and me toiling on respective passions has evolved into something we could have never envisioned in those early days. Because of our growth, capabilities and influence, we have more opportunities now than we ever have had. Opportunities to tell more stories. Impact culture. Strengthen worthy brands and elevate worthwhile ideas and initiatives.

That’s why, 20 years in, I am more optimistic than ever about the future and more determined than ever to help bring it to life.