The air is crisp, sweaters are making their debut, orange decor is popping up on doorsteps, and the faint smell of pumpkin cold brew is lingering among any nearby group of millennials. Welcome to fall at Designsensory. Despite our urge to cozy up by the fire, there’s been a lot going on at our office: new faces, clients, content, and ways to tackle these times of COVID-19.

Always Original

If you keep up with Zoo Knoxville, you’ve probably seen their new, original series called The Wild Life, created and produced by Designsensory. Our very own Brad Carpenter is the host, taking you behind the scenes to learn about the animals and keepers dedicated to keeping them safe. Watch on Facebook or Amazon, and find out how conservation is making a big impact here in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Meanwhile, in Chattanooga, you’ll find us at Tennessee Aquarium filming another original series, Conservation Crew. The show stars "a team of young conservationists charged with studying and protecting wildlife from their secret headquarters under the Aquarium’s glass peaks." Be on the lookout for the premiering episode! We will be sharing information on our social channels.

In other news, we are doing meaningful work for the Tennessee Governor’s Office, leading the charge on sending out COVID-19 messaging to help our great state’s citizens stay up to date with relevant safety information. Check out one of our campaign videos and toolkits here.

Make sure you’re keeping up with our latest original content, including our new podcast, Explorable. Explorable is a podcast about travel, disability and inclusion hosted by our very own Josh Loebner.

Website Launches + Team News

We’ve launched a few new websites recently, including an update to Scribble, Knoxville Chamber and Tennessee Lottery.

Knoxville Chamber, your friendly neighborhood chamber of commerce, came to us with a renewed vision for the future, focused directly on the partners they serve. To introduce their new vision, the path to prosperity, we designed a new website that is reflective of content for regional enhancement, economic development, and more.

TN Lottery is a big win for us (ha!) on the technical side of website development. We spent time on the backend cleaning up games and ensuring that players have a quick, easy-to-use experience.

Scribble, South Carolina’s toolkit for innovation, has been with us for years. Not only have we continued to refine its brand and voice, we’ve also continued updating videos and, now, its website! Check out new content categories, resources, their newsletter, and more!

This fall, you’ll also see a new face around the office—or, rather, in that Google Meet meeting. We’ve hired a new project manager, Jordan McClendon. Jordan attended Johnson University, where he played college basketball. His team spirit helps everything and everyone stay on track here at DS. (Thanks, Jordan).

That’s all, folks! See you in winter. For now, stay tuned weekly, daily, hourly (if you so wish) on Facebook and Instagram