It was the visionary radio host and all-around entertainment sage, Ira Glass, who said “Radio is more powerful the closer we mimic the way we actually speak to each other.” And from these words—not unlike a golem maker to the clay or the proclamation of light by a celestial to us mere mortals—the culture of podcasts received the breath of life. We stand as witnesses to this new form of creation, and the podcast is best described as pure entertainment and education for the ears. 

One day, the hive mind collectively said, “Hey, let’s find an alternative to staged Top 40 Countdown shows—and while we’re at it—figure out something more palatable than airing another angry, one-sided, peddler-of-easy-answers political pundit?” (Well – it went something like that.)

Now, there are more than 1 million podcasts to choose from (including those Top 40 shows and angry shouting guys, if that tickles your fancy). But the beauty and the joy of this modern iteration of radio lies in the choices. Ready for more stats? Of course you are. In the US, 22% of the population listens to at least one podcast every week – and 51% will download and enjoy at least one podcast in their life. That’s roughly 168 million people, and these numbers continue to rise.

The data backs up what we at Designsensory have already come to understand—podcasts simply rule. We’re a team of storytellers, and we love what we do. And storytelling excites us in any medium. That’s why we are proud to continue rolling out new content and growing our list of DS Originals like ValorCast, Of Note, FiredUp! and Best Behavior Creative Club. 

We thought it was time to develop a show that distills the essence of that Ira Glass quote—a show with real conversations, real friends talking about the world around them and a celebration of the “Church of Pop Culture!”

Brothers and sisters, please rise, and give us a hearty “AMEN” for this newest DS Original, The Amen Corner.  

So what is The Amen Corner?

Winner of NBC’s The Voice, Chris Blue, and his buddies Brad (me) and Q, “take people to church” as they share their unique views on life, family and pop culture—as well as confessing a few gripes and random musings. We have mad love for each other and truly want to evangelize the joys of never taking life too seriously. Can we get an AMEN up in here!?

Let’s meet the crew.

Chris Blue grew up in a family of seven in a tiny house here in East Tennessee. His mother decided to put the family in a band called the Blue Family, where they sang at local churches and toured around the country. We’re so glad she did because, later in life, Chris took a leap of faith and auditioned for The Voice. He failed miserably and no one has heard from him for decades. (KIDDING!) He won the whole thing, toured the world, cut a record deal and has mentored countless artists along the way. Now, Chris makes music in Knoxville daily, and when he does get a break, he makes hilarious podcasts with his friends. 

Brad Carpenter is a handsome renaissance man (who definitely didn’t write that) and enjoys producing podcasts and reading a lot of comic books. He did not win “The Voice,” but if there was a show called “The Body,” he may have a chance. 

Q | TheGuytoKnow (aka the Tangit King) is a connoisseur of conversation, the CEO of gab. If talking were a profession, he’d be Elon Musk. 

And what can we expect this season on The Amen Corner?

Expect the unexpected. If it is entertaining or relevant to our society, these three pop culture clowns are going to go ham on that topic. Already, we’ve covered Game of Thrones, Michael Jordan and The Last Dance, racism and the Mandela effect, and there have been endless hilarious confessions. As you are reading this, if you have any epiphanies or topic ideas, drop us a line. We are the podcast version of Occam's razor: anything that can be talked about will be talked about. Hallelujah!