Our marketing research unit has provided authentic, proprietary customer and market insights for decades, playing a significant role in the success of dozens of organizations. We’re so proud of the work that this team has done to uncover the “what” and “why” of human behavior and even prouder to say that, after nearly 30 years, it feels like the fun is just getting started. 

Formerly known as Lancaster Research, we’ve recently taken on the name Designsensory Intelligence and expanded our offerings in the process. After all, change is a good thing – right? We’ve mentioned it some on social media and in a few of our agency news roundups this year, but it’s time we do a deep dive into our new name, brand and capabilities—as only a veteran research team would. 

One of the Designsensory Intelligence (or DSI – as I’ll call it through the rest of this piece) tools that we’re most excited for this year is the launch of Ignite Fan Insights. I say launch, but it’s really a new and improved version of an offering that the team has been dedicated to for years. Ignite explores sports fan engagement and behavioral trends from early childhood to present day. Known previously as Voice of the American Fan, this in-depth report has provided a wealth of information supplied by more than 6,300 casual to die-hard sports fans. 

Led by our Director of Research, Chris Wise, Ignite Fan Insights serves as a way to learn from the past and look ahead with a predictive sense of what will trigger interest. Then, once interest is gained, we can understand what stimulates fan commitment and loyalty—something incredibly important in these uncertain times for the industry. Produced three times a year by DSI, the report is always fresh and relevant with never-before-seen stats, geographic and demographic impacts, sport by sport sentiments and more. But the great thing about Ignite is that we’re providing more than just fan data. Those who subscribe will have access to the report, regular newsletters and blogs, webinars and the new Fired Up! podcast

Supported by our “podcast guys” (Chris McAdoo and Brad Carpenter), Fired Up! is full of thoughtful, in-depth conversations with sports industry leaders. “Leaders” feels like such an understatement, though—each person we’ve interviewed is a VERY big deal. From Churchill Downs and the Minnesota Vikings to FC Cincinnati and the Miami Dolphins, we’ve heard from the best and brightest in sports. Listen for yourself

Growing up in America is almost intertwined with an introduction to sports. The purpose of Ignite Fan Insights is to deepen our understanding of what makes fans who they are, from their involvement in sports at an early age to the types of sports they follow. We’ve poured our hearts into this custom research work, and we’re hopeful that you’ll find it just as valuable. Step up to the plate and give us a follow on Facebook and LinkedIn while you’re at it.