In a world where video content is king, strategy needs to be the crown jewel. What that really means is that, to build an effective content calendar, you need to know what types of content you should be making and at what lengths. With a landscape that is increasingly distracting, you might think that short-form is the leading lady. However, a quick look at the best content strategies in advertising (and especially on social channels) will argue a different point. Let me enlighten you.

First, let’s define what we mean by long-form. 

In the digital world, and specifically when talking about broadcast or digital advertising, long-form is anything over 30 seconds. Who knew? We’re not always talking about 20-minute clips when we say the word long-form.

When we talk about short-form content, we’re talking about 10 seconds or less, and then mid-length is in between. YouTube offers up some terminology that I’m going to steal here: Bite (0-0:10), Snack (0:10-0:30), Meal (0:30+). And thus, long-form content is the most filling. You’ll want to include long-form content in your strategy for that very reason. A careful incorporation of each of these will produce the most effective ROI for your brand.

Next, let’s discuss some content frameworks. 

Instead of just creating for the sake of creating, using a content framework can get everyone on the same branded page. There are three different types of content (actually four, since we added one) we use here at Designsensory when determining a content strategy for clients. 

Now, let’s wrap it all together.

Each of these formats can expand into unique long-form setups. The more people are willing to watch long-form, the more invested they are in your brand. In essence, I’d always recommend getting a media plan from an expert (you know, like Designsensory), but you should always be exploring ways to establish your brand and its content in a sustainable way. Start with a strong concept and stay consistent. Then, as you’re pushing it out, or placing it in the digital world, keep a track record of what’s working and what isn’t. The key to success is adjusting to your users, but ensuring you place different content lengths is also pivotal.

Before we go, enjoy one of my favorite pieces of hub content, Undercover Lyft. And, of course, an indescribable brand favorite: Apple. They do a solid job of segmenting their hero content from hub and help. We also do a hero, hub, help model when advertising Bristol Motor Speedway and Zoo Knoxville, from awareness videos and micro campaigns to a digital series. Go create great (longer) content!