AdParlor is a tool that prides itself in providing sophisticated media buying and creative services to “enhance paid social and display campaigns.” While we don’t use all their services, we spend a good amount of time on their free mockup ad generator for our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest ads. Here are three reasons we love it, and why you should consider putting it into your process when creating digital and social advertisements.

Platform Cheat Sheets
AdParlor is a one-stop shop when it comes to generating mockups for your paid social advertising. Every platform has a different character count, word placement and image requirement. With AdParlor, instead of hunting down cheat sheets for every platform’s particular advertising specs, you can access just about every ad type there is for each platform and follow the instructions to ensure your plans fit within certain parameters—from Facebook and its image, video and carousel ads to Pinterest’s promoted, article, product, place, movie and recipe pins. And now you see why you’ll need a cheat sheet...

Creative Adjustments
Now that you have specs, you can insert your copy, images and/or video. The great thing about AdParlor is that it gives you a preview of the ad you’re creating in newsfeed, right-hand and mobile modes—something that can’t be as easily or precisely mocked up in Photoshop. If the copy is too long or short, you can adjust directly within a text box that live updates. You should also put in additional effort to upload your or your client’s logo.

For you designers out there, you all know paid social advertising limits text on images to 20%. AdParlor provides you with a 20% text grid to make your job a little easier.

Free Mockups
As with any creative, presentation is key to relaying your intentions to the client. Once you’ve inserted the advertisers name and logo, and the copy, images, CTA and link, you can hit “Download Mockup” for a quick preview in all modes—i.e., mobile, right-hand, newsfeed. This is the part where we grab the .png files and use them in a keynote presentation or a simple zip file for internal approval processes. Suggestions and changes are easier to note when the whole team can visualize what they’ve just made.

If you’ve ever tried communicating digital and social ad creative across account management, designers, writers and then media teams, you know the simplicity of this tool is nothing to snub. There’s something tangible about mockups that brings all our minds together and drives a better creative process. Now that you know about AdParlor, give it a try and elevate your own process. For questions on content strategy, best practices for design and types of placements, I know a guy.