Roane Alliance has been advocating for needed change in Roane county. The collective vision for the local youth is one that provides quality education for high school students looking to go to college or trade school—opportunities that, in turn, build a strong workforce and economy.

As part of a new effort to combat the alarming number of opioid-related crimes and deaths in Roane, supporters proposed a K14 education system that includes the development of a new school academy. Designsensory was proud to join in the initiative earlier this year and created an emotional video, which serves as a pledge to Roane community members to support the effort and usher in a brighter future for their children.

So, what is a K14 education, and what exactly is going on in Roane to spur this substantial shift?

What: K14 Paves The Way

Traditional schools range from kindergarten to 12th grade. As you might have guessed, a K14 education requires a further look into college level courses, and at its minimum requirement, students would graduate high school with at least two college courses under their belt. At its maximum, students could graduate high school simultaneously with an associate degree.

This would be a first for the state of Tennessee, and it would mark a huge win not only for our state but for Roane County communities. It’s a huge step forward for a county that struggles to maintain their younger workforce and is falling behind in the wake of competitive schooling.

The new school would provide benefits like modern efficiencies that save money and energy; modern safety against school intruders; potential new housing developments and retail growth; and new company relocations.

Why: Education Drives Progress

The importance of education has never been more evident than now. Studies have shown that low education levels often lead to poverty, drug addiction and crime. Therefore, to start combating the opioid crisis, and rebuild the crumbling foundation that Roane built strong many years ago, they want is to educate children in a way that prevents future generations from falling into the trap of the current epidemic.

Statistically, beyond opioid and drug addiction, Roane is seeing a large decline in their population—an outlier among the growing communities it’s surrounded by, like Knox, Blount, Loudon and other counties. Younger generations are leaving the area for better jobs and opportunities, and Roane wants to provide quality education and work opportunities as an incentive for their community members to stay and thrive.

How: Small Changes

To show how affordable it would be for citizens, we calculated the investment for each Roane County individual to have this school built—$50 per person a year over a collected amount of years. That’s less than five bucks a month. The return on investment would be watching the community rise above the crises it faces. Roane can, in reality, pay for the new school in a variety of ways—none of which have a major impact on taxpayers—including: a wheel tax, a sales tax increase and economic growth. Roane, and now Designsensory, encourages YOU to be a steward of our children’s futures.

If you want to continue the conversation in Roane, visit and continue to learn more about the issues and how education will take the county one step closer to solutions and economic expansion. Of course, dispel misinformation. We’re excited to continue helping communities in our great state, and we are even more excited to see other communities join in the effort.