Somewhere in the world, as I type this blog, someone’s gazing out a window—retreating from a world of cerebral overload. The quest for inspiration is one that many find intimidating, but it’s vitally important to care for yourself and your creativity. If you’re having troubles of your own in the creative department, here are a six popular things you can do to get inspired.

1. Go Outdoors

Nature is a tried and true way for anybody to get their brain fired up. For one, relaxation will filter out the negativity affecting your ability to process information. The more you do things you love outside, the more you will recover mentally—leaving plenty of room for inspiration to pop in.

2. Read / Research

Maybe it’s obvious, but reading and researching can inspire an idea quickly. Try reading social media posts, online books, websites, magazines, novellas—everything. It should probably be relevant content, but I won’t lie and say I haven’t found help from unlikely sources.

3. Travel

Going somewhere specific, even if it’s a nearby city, always inspires me in some way. When I travel, I see things I would have never seen, meet people I never would have met, and do things I never would have done. Try new foods. Shop at new places. Traveling is inspiring.

4. Get a Hobby

Find a craft or hobby that you enjoy. Some people thrive doing photography, others enjoy painting, sewing, playing instruments, physical activity, or, for our resident associate creative director, pottery. It doesn’t have to be grand, but it does need to be something that gives you butterflies and daydreams. Whether or not it’s related to your project, doing something tactile that you love will inspire you to break free.

5. Creativity Board

This is your own personal mood board. Find inspirational pieces on Pinterest, Behance and other sites that showcase beautiful work. Once you start seeing creativity from others, you won’t have any trouble delivering. Sometimes, being around the right people at the right time (even digitally) can bring out the deepest and most inspired thoughts.

6. Do Nothing

Yes, you read that correctly. Very often for me, after reading a strategic or creative brief, I have an overwhelming amount of information that can stifle my creative process. However, this brain overload can be used to our advantage as creatives. Once you have packed your brain full of everything you could possibly know about the subject matter at hand, forget it. Do nothing. Stop thinking about it. Nine times out of ten, the best ideas come when you don’t expect them. That eureka moment will come to you, so stop chasing it.

Now that I’ve used the word “inspiration” ten times or more within this blog, maybe you have some of your own. When the pressure to be great is high, find things that relieve it. The worst possible scenario is to stay stressed. Enjoy the process, and go with your gut. If you’re just not creative, then you know how to find us!