Each month, we share a collection of new projects and happenings here at the Designsensory office. This month, learn about some of our recent video work, professional development roles and other exciting announcements.

Nassios & McLaughlin Get a Commercial

Tim McLaughlin and Mike Nassios are dedicated to what they do and stand apart from other competitors in their field. So, when the time came to communicate their expertise to the Knoxville community, they opted for a commercial unlike other personal injury attorneys.

The idea? To playfully illustrate how dedicated the two are to their craft. The commercials show Tim and Mike answering their phones, checking emails and focusing on winning—as opposed to listening to art direction or reading their lines. This mentality makes for an interesting shoot for our "production crew," comprised of local acting talent, on the day of the shoot.

The look and feel are intended to emulate mockumentary-style pieces, a la The Office and the ESPN Office video series. The commercial will air on traditional channels locally, and run digitally with :60, :30 and :06 spots. Keep your eyes open.

Showcasing the Leading Tech and Entrepreneur Conference in the Southeast

Another video project to make its way across our desk, we recently finalized an anthem video for the LaunchTN event 36|86. Last July, we attended the conference and spoke with attendees and presenters. The result is a half-film, half-animated video that really gives credence to the innovative and forward-thinking culture of Tennesseans.

Teaching and Speaking

Matt Montgomery, Senior Graphic Designer, is giving back to a group of sophomore graphic designers. He kicked off his run as a teacher at the University of Tennessee last week. This semester, he’ll teach everything from the IoT (Internet of Things), responsive mobile design and experimental web design techniques.

Our director of strategy Josh Loebner will also continue his stint as a UT lecturer this semester. You can find him on campus bringing juniors and seniors up to speed on media and communications. Josh also visited the studio at WBIR the morning after the Super Bowl to give his take on the best ads from the night for the second year. You can check those out.

Giving a Voice to the American Fan

Our marketing intelligence division, Lancaster Research, has many offerings. One of which, FansVoice, has produced incredible insights into what drives fan opinion and action. These findings are contained in a new report by Lancaster Research called Voice of the American Fan. Read a sample from the report and learn about our research capabilities here.

Fireside Chat

Every January, we gather together to reflect on the past year and look down the road ahead of us. Lovingly called “Fireside Chats” internally, the conversations typically span an afternoon and cover everything from major wins and milestones to improvements on process and employee benefits. We find that this transparency and open communication keeps everyone on the same page and invested in their coworkers, projects and the company culture. This year’s chat brought some interesting developments that we look forward to sharing with you soon.