Monitoring the media is crucial for understanding the impact that your company (or client) has on the public. While there are many PR softwares available to help monitor the media, Designsensory uses Cision to track what the public is saying about our clients.

So what exactly is a media monitoring service?

Media monitoring services have many uses. They provide businesses with media content that is relevant to them.

This resource allows us to browse articles about our clients, find information about media outlets, build media contact lists and more.

What do we monitor?

The term “media” comes in many forms. Print media includes newspapers and magazines; broadcast media refers to television and radio; and digital media includes news sites, blogs and social media.

Powerful monitoring tracks this media coverage. As PR professionals, we want to know when our clients’ names show up! Cision helps us keep track of each news article, post or blog in which they’re mentioned.

We also want to know that we’re distributing news content to the right places. Cision provides access to journalist profiles that include contact information, professional social media accounts, past stories, etc. This helps us to filter between the types of content that each journalist (or outlet) focuses on—so we can avoid sending a press release about the zoo to a court reporter.

Why is this important?

When we use Cision, we can see how our clients are referenced on the aforementioned media platforms. What is the tone? Are the posts and articles positive? Are they negative? What worked and what didn’t? Is it accurate? What should we change to ensure that our client is getting their desired point across? What demographic are our clients reaching? Are we sending our news releases to the right people?

The list goes on and on. It’s important that we at DS are advocating, staying informed and keeping up with the Joneses. So, with that in mind, consider a platform that works for your specific needs, and let us know how we can help! Press on.