For good reason, tourism is a hustling and bustling industry. It’s the livelihood of any destination—because without it, economically speaking, most would be without the capital necessary to function. It makes sense, then, that everyone, from countries to states to local CVBs, has taken a turn toward more interactive content. A key driver being video development. Here are four reasons why using video for tourism promotion is probably your best friend.

1. The TA-DA Factor.
What is different about your destination? Video is your chance to show off the visual intricacies that are all too often lackluster in a photo or written description. Raging waterfall that cascades 500 feet? Great. Small country store downtown that sells historical memorabilia? Fantastic. Your moment is all about you. Check out one of fourteen videos we produced for the State's county marketing program. *Glitter bomb*

2. All the “Feels.”
Creating memories is truly what this is about. With thousands of places begging for attention, you want to make something that connects your destination with the emotional sensitivities of the traveller. Beyond the visuals of your destination, what is going to give them an experience they dream about for the rest of their lives? Show them “the happy” in three ways: love, sweat and tears. That means dinner, activities and unforgettable moments.

3. Modern Life.
Unless it’s your thing to look “vintage,” having a video—let me rephrase—having a well-crafted video shows the world that you are going to bring something modern to their traveling experience. I don’t mean modern as in the style. I mean you are in today’s state of mind. Again, people want experiences. They also want free wifi. So, maybe highlight some of those things in the video. We have our own comprehensive video showcasing our tourism clients here. Shameless plug.

4. Conversion, Conversion, Conversion.
Enough about your visitors, am I right? The real reason you want video is for conversions. From a marketing perspective, the chances of a video capturing the attention of your audience is much higher than, say, a static website or online brochure. Now don’t get me wrong, those things are important, but the bigger picture includes ALL of the things. They work together. A great example of integrated methodology would be breaking up your video into vignettes for social. A little snack for your audience.

And there you have it. There are many more reasons to create video as a tourism destination, but I think we’re already convinced. My last piece of advice is, if you’re going for video, do it right. Don’t have your intern shoot the footage on their phone [no shade]. You really do get what you pay for … roll on!