With over two billion active users, Facebook is the largest social media network in existence. Facebook is a powerful tool for growing your business when used correctly. Here, we debunk five commonly believed myths that may be hurting your Facebook marketing efforts.

Myth #1: All you really need to do is fill out your profile.

There’s much more to a credible Facebook Page than just filling out your profile and keeping it updated. While that is all very important, a successful page begins with an engaged audience. Facebook recognizes and rewards responsiveness, interesting content and relevance. The most important rule of Facebook is to use it as a tool for communicating with your followers and fans.

Myth #2: The more your post, the higher your engagement rates will be.

Don’t be one of those pages spamming news feeds multiple times everyday. Posting too frequently will actually lower your engagement rates, cause people to unlike your page or even result in poor reviews. Be selective about what you choose to post, and make sure all of your content is compelling. Quality, not quantity!

Myth #3: SEO doesn’t matter on Facebook.

“Search engine optimization” tends to exclusively refer to Google or other traditional search engines. But with the amount of resources available on Facebook, coupled with the amount of time users are spending on the social network, Facebook’s search function has become an increasingly used feature. Your Facebook Page can be just as important as your website, so optimize it too! Make sure your Page contains keywords, create a relevant URL and write an optimized page description.

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Myth #4: Hashtags are just for Twitter.

While Twitter popularized the use of hashtags, Facebookers have hopped on the hashtag train as well. They’re great search features, and using them will help optimize your Facebook posts. But please only use them where it makes sense to do so—crowding your posts with an endless string of hashtags does not make for compelling content. Use hashtags when referring to events or to take part in (relevant) trending topics.

Myth #5: There’s a “right” time to post.

The best time to post differs between industries, page types, audience personas, etc. There is no hard and fast rule that can tell you when you should be publishing content. The best way to figure out when your target market is most active on social media is to experiment. Vary the times that you post, and use Facebook Insights to figure out when users are most engaged.

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