If you work in content creation, be it as a copywriter, social media manager, blogger, public relations practitioner—generally, if you have to touch a keyboard and put together coherent thoughts, you’ve experienced writer’s block. It’s the most common symptom of a stressed-out writer. But don’t get discouraged! Using these five methods, you can cure your writer’s block and get the words flowing.

Freewrite or brainstorm.

Writer’s block is most easily solved by simply writing! Write anything. Sit yourself down for ten minutes and jot down whatever comes to mind when thinking about your topic, and don’t stop until your time is up. If you have to write down “blah, blah” over and over again, so be it! Free yourself from formatting, sentence construction and even logic. Freewriting is a great way to uncover ideas and get your words out.

Get moving.

One of the most popular ways of curing writer’s block is to get some fresh air and exercise. Go for a walk, practice “desk yoga” or turn up the music and dance around—whatever gets you moving. When you get your body flowing, your mind follows suit. Exercise will help you relax and tear down the mental barriers.

Talk it out.

Talking through your ideas out loud will help you organize your thoughts. Grab a coworker or call a friend and talk about your topic. Speaking is more natural than writing and you will likely be more relaxed when discussing your topic with a friend. A conversation can lead to questions that spark more ideas. You could even record yourself and listen back to the audio for a quick reminder.

Get a change of scenery.

Have you been sitting at your desk trying to fight off your writer’s block? Write somewhere else. Head out to a park, a coffee shop or anywhere else you can go to get away from your desk. If you have the means, go travelling and find inspiration in a new city.

Start anywhere.

Starting at the beginning can create a mental blockade and need for perfection. Pick a point that you know well and start from there. Leave the introduction for later and focus on getting your ideas down on paper. Once you have the bulk of the content down, you will have a clearer idea of your purpose and can smooth out the details. Even if you find 

The biggest causes of writer’s block are a need for perfection coupled with stress. Start relaxing and break down your mental blockades. Don’t get discouraged—writer’s block can be easily overcome. But of course, Designsensory’s team of writers can also help.

Now, stop reading this and go write!