By Sarah Lutz, PR & Social Media Intern

A quality graphic can catch the reader’s eye in a way that writing alone cannot. A graphic can differentiate your social post or blog from the thousands of other things competing for a customer’s attention.

But what if you don’t have a graphic designer? And what if you’ve never touched Photoshop before? Never fear! There are many free or low-cost platforms out there that will give you that “fresh Photoshop feel” without the photoshop fails.

In Photoshop's defense, however, if you're looking to simply edit or correct photos, Photoshop Express is the online-only version of the platform with paid add-ons and has a handful of the same functions. The next step up is Photoshop Elements, which, again, has a reduced list of offerings from the full-fledged Photoshop CS but for a drastically reduced price. Photoshop Elements also prefers to automate many of the function it offers, as the tool targets the average user.

Another option within the Adobe family is Adobe Spark, a free design platform that was created with non-designers in mind. Using Spark, you can make social graphics with Spark Post, “web stories” with Spark Page and animated videos with Spark Video.


Moving along, you may have heard of the next two tools. Canva is a design website that was created by a professor after she realized her students were struggling to learn the basics of design. She wanted to make a program that would create quality graphics, no matter the skill level of the user. It’s free to sign up and there are free and purchasable design elements and layouts. 


 is a graphic editing tool similar to Canva in both user interface and capabilities. It was created to simplify the process of design work, without having to simplify the quality of the graphic. The initial signup is free, but if you want access to unlimited storage, added templates and more, you can purchase the pro package.

 is the largest repository of GIFs on the internet, powers Twitter's GIF search and is the preferred GIF source for Facebook. But did you know the platform also has a handful of tools to help you create GIFs in a jiff? Giphy is a lot more “trend focused,” aiding its users with popular suggestions on content and format. There is a Giphy app and the Giphy Capture tool, which helps you to quickly record from your computer screen and create a GIF.

Pixlr is a free browser-based photo editing app (you can buy the pro version with advanced tools for $1.99/month or $14.99/year). It’s similar to Photoshop in terms of the tools provided, but considerably less polished and powerful. So if you need to color correct or reduce red eye, this could be your new favorite go-to. 

Think you need something more than these apps can offer? Contact us today. Our team is happy to discuss any of your social media needs.