By Sarah Lutz,
Spring 2017 PR & Social Media Intern 

Since the release of Facebook Live video almost a year ago, it has become a viable and widely used means to connect with followers. If you are curious about Facebook Live being a good fit for your organization or brand, read our blog, “How and Why of Facebook Live.”

Provided you already know you want to join the Facebook Live community but don’t want to be just another user—and you'd rather use Facebook Live to its full potential—then you’ve come to the right place! Read on to become a Facebook Live standout.

Prepare before going live

Once you go live, everything in the broadcast is open for the public to see. To ensure your Facebook Live goes seamlessly, always practice and prepare by:

Promote your live video

The goal is to reach and interact with as many people as possible. To expand your reach, inform your followers about the live video ahead of time, and ask your viewers to subscribe to your live videos. Also, before going live, write an attention-drawing post for your video.

Maximize live broadcast

While live, you’ll want to personalize your video as much as possible. Make your viewers feel like part of the broadcast by responding to their comments and questions in real time as much as possible, and personalize the experience by using their names. To reach more people, broadcast for longer periods of time and keep your viewers engaged.

Finish strong

Your ending of the broadcast should be as seamless as your beginning. To ensure people know you are signing-off, use a closing line that gives your viewers a call-to-action. The CTA can be about something mentioned in your broadcast or a reminder to subscribe to your live videos. Once the broadcast is complete, edit your now-archived Facebook Live video. For more information on how to edit completed Facebook Live videos, check out Facebook Live: What Marketers Need to Know.

Go live often

The more often you go live, the greater chance you have of increasing your reach and number of viewers!

Still not sure if you’re ready to face Facebook Live alone? No worries! We’d love to help your brand integrate Facebook Live into its marketing efforts. Contact us if you have any questions or want to know more about our process, services or work.